What is the normal blood sugar level for a 65 year old?

Not all older people have the same care needs, which means that not everyone needs the same type of care at home. The following table outlines what blood sugar levels should be for older adults (age 50 or older) in the hours after a meal, as well as when the levels are too high or too low. The constant support of a diabetes reversal specialist, along with the guidance of a diabetologist, can help regulate blood sugar levels. Maintaining normal blood sugar levels can help reduce the chances of developing these other health problems.

Older people with type 2 diabetes can also use insulin injections to control their blood sugar levels. Being sick or injured can also test the body's systems to the point where blood sugar levels become abnormal. After pressing lightly to draw the blood, they should gently place a drop of blood on the test strip. An elderly person's blood sugar (also called glucose) level should be measured regularly to ensure the safety of your loved one.

The medications you take to help control your blood sugar may interact negatively with other medications or supplements you're taking. However, seek professional advice from an endocrinologist about your blood sugar level and the reasons for its variations. Your loved one should start by talking to the doctor about how to eat a proper diet that keeps blood sugar levels within the normal range, which usually involves reducing sugar and carbohydrates in the diet. Red levels are indicators that require emergency treatment, while yellow levels indicate medical care, but not an emergency.

When blood sugar levels rise too high, older people may experience problems such as increased thirst, headaches, and difficulty concentrating. A blood sugar level that is too low is called hypoglycemia, while having high blood sugar levels is called hyperglycemia. Hello sir, my fasting sugar level is 185 and after eating it is 223, is it good or bad. I saw the doctor, he gave me insulin because I injured my leg, so for a quick cure, he gave me antibiotics and insulin to cure me soon, what I should do next is if that level is good.