Is 138 blood sugar normal before eating?

Now I have been doing a calorie deficit (intermittent diet) for 2 weeks, I have lost 3 kg and I control my sugar level 2-3 times a day. After a meal, your blood glucose levels will normally increase within a few hours as you break down and absorb carbohydrates from your diet.

Blood sugar

targets for patients with diabetes are based on how long the person has had diabetes, their age and other underlying medical conditions and lifestyle factors. If you suspect that you or a loved one has type 1 diabetes, go immediately to your primary care or emergency center and request a urine test to measure ketones, in addition to testing blood sugar and A1c levels.

The two weeks before you measure your blood sugar levels before your A1c test have the biggest impact on your results, but the amount of glucose bound to hemoglobin (the protein in red blood cells) in your body over the previous 3 months. The safe ranges of blood glucose levels depend on factors such as the time of day and the last time you ate. The best time to check your blood sugar levels in the morning is right after you wake up and before you eat anything. While it's not necessarily possible to prevent these factors that affect blood sugar levels from occurring, you can work with your diabetes health care team to adjust insulin, other diabetes medications, and nutrition and activity levels to help compensate for them when they occur.

Glycogen is then incorporated into the liver and muscles as a backup energy source if blood glucose levels fall below optimal levels. That's okay because your body is able, under normal circumstances, to raise your blood glucose to healthy levels when needed, even if you haven't eaten. Doctors often order fasting blood sugar testing along with HbA1c, which can reveal your sugar levels in recent months. For example, when performing anaerobic exercises, such as weightlifting, many people with type 1 diabetes consider it necessary to inject a small bolus of insulin before or during training, since anaerobic exercise can increase blood sugar levels.

Blood sugar levels are a critical part of overall health and of the body's ability to function properly on a daily basis. Your doctor might also suggest that you test your blood sugar level before bed to make sure that you've been eating well all day and that you can go to sleep with peace of mind. Let's start by reviewing the basics of how blood sugar levels work and learn why it's so important to keep blood sugar levels under control.